Attractions of Tusheti


Day 1: Tbilisi – Tusheti, Omalo
Start early momning from Tbilisi. Through the beautiful Gombori pass (1822m) arrive in Telavi. From Telavi continue the way along Alazani valley by passing beautiful villages of Kakheti region. An rout visit Alaverdi Monastery (11th c). The road to Tusheti starts from Kakhetian village Pshaveli, leads deep into the beautiful gorge of the Stori River and then rises up to Caucasus Mountain ridge, By crossing Abano overpass at an elevation 2926 meters arrival in Tusheti, Though the mountainous road get to village Omalo, provincial center of Tusheti. Accommodation, and afer the short brake see to sights of the village Omalo – Kesalo fortress and Ethnographic museum of Tusheti. Overnight in Omalo at the Guesthouse, Dinner with national dishes and Georgian wine. (L.D)


Day 2: Omalo – Dartlo – Chesho – Farsma – Girevi – Chomtio
After breakfast drive to the direction Pirikiti Gorege. Before we get to Piriciti Gorge visit some beautiful sites of Tushet Que then Ghele have short walking there(0 – 30hr). Arrival in Dartlo. The village and its architectural monuments are included in the World’s Cultural Heritage of UNESCO. Explore surroundings of the village Dartlo and then drive along the Pirikiti Gorge. On the way we’ll pass some of the ancient picturesque villages of Pirikiti gorge: Chesho, Parsma, Girevi. We will have short walk to the village Parsma and after Girevi (30-1h). Girevi is last inhabited village in the Pirikiti Gorge where is situated Geargian military base, From this point starts long trail to Khevsureti. Optional walk to village Chontio, Chontio is abandoned village next to Girevi. (B.L.D)


Day 3: Omalo – Bochorna - Dochu - Beghela – Iliurta
After breakfast we drive to Gometsari Gorge. Gometsari is one of the most remarkable Gorge in Tusheti owing to its delightful landscape and well-preserved villages. Along the way we pass the beautiful villages of Gometsari Gorge: Bochorma, Dochu, Beghela, Jvarboseli, Iliurta. Visit Church of saint Gorge in village Iliurta. Optionally walk to the village Bukhurta - for photo shoots. From this point we have the most beautiful panoramic views on the Gorge. Drive back to Omalo. Overnight in Omalo at the Guesthouse, Dinner with national dishes and Georgian Chacha or Wine. (B.L.D)


Day 4: Omalo – Shenako – Diklo
Early morning, After breakfast we drive to the direction Chagma Gorge. First we visit village Shenako, Explore surroundings of the village, walking to the village Ageurta from where we have beautiful panoramic views on the Chagma Gorge. Continue the way by Driving to village Diklo. Enjoying with impressionable views of the Mount Diklo. Walking to the ruined village - memorial monument Old Diklo, from where we can see the border with a Russia. Have a lunch nearby village Diklo. Return by the same way to Omalo, Overnight in Omalo at the Guestgouse. Dinner with national dishes and Georgian wine. (B.L.D)


Day 5: Omalo – Kvareli - Tbilisi
Today we have long trip back to Tbilisi. When we arrive in Kaheti, we’ll visit wine cellar of famous wine producing company Khareba in Kvareli. We taste 3 sort of wine and after lunch depart for Tbilisi. End Tour. (B.L.D)

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