Transportation service

We offers transportation service on mountain tours in Georgia with comfortable 5-6 seat Mitsubishi mark jeeps (4X4). Our cars are equipped with all inventory and accessories necessary for comfortable journey. All cars are ensured thoroughly, including health insurance for driver as well as for tourists. Our company provides the service of highly qualified and experienced drivers, airport transfer, professional guide service during excursions and tours, hotel and restaurant reservations. We also offer transfers to Svaneti, Khevsureti and Kazbegi. Its also possible to make certain changes in our transfers according to your wishes.

Airport transfers

Tbilisi - Omalo (Tusheti)

Distance 196 km, Time 6-7 hours.
1 person 45 € (min 5-6 person in group)

Tbilisi - Mestia (Svaneti)

Distance 497 km, Time 7-8 hours.
1 person 65 € (min 3-4 person in group)
1 person 55 € (min 5 person in group)
1 person 45 € (min 6 person in group)

Tbilisi - Shatili (Khevsureti)

Distance 155 km, Time 3-4 hours.
1 person 35 € (min 4-6 person in group)

Tbilisi Stefancminda (Kazbegi)

Distance 149 km, Time 2-3 hours.
1 person 25 € (min 4-6 person in group)

Note: In this price including Driver service and Fuel

Guide Service

We offer guide service as in Tusheti so in other region of Georgia. The price of Guide service is 25 € per day on Cultural and jeep tours, The same price we offer for the Driver guide service(25 € per day). For the hiking tours, Guide price is 40 € per day

Tent and Sleeping bag

Tours organized by us, we will provide tents and sleeping bags services. Also offer tents and sleeping bags rental service. Tent rental cost per day is 10 €, Sleeping bag rental cost per day is 5 €