Tourist Route – Nakaicho

Simple itinerary:


Day 1: Tbilisi – Omalo
Trip from Tbilisi to Tusheti. Arrival in Telavi though the beautiful Gombori pass (1622m), from where we continue drive through the beautiful villages of Kakheti. On the way short stop at the Alaverdi Monastery(11c). The way towards Tusheti starts from the village pshavli. The road is steep and rough. Along the way we pass wonderful scenery and see the most beautiful views - amazing alpine meadows, snowy mountain pikes, glaciers. Crossing the main Caucasian Ridge at the elevation 2926m - Abano pass. (In good weather condition we can arrange a louch on the Pass). We reach village omalo approximately 5-6 hr and after short rest sightseeing around the village, Visit Kesalo fortress and ethnographical museum of Tusheti.


Day 2: Omalo - Gele - Gonta
The route starts from the village Omalo and proceeds to Que – a field where meet the roads of Pirikita, Gometsari and Chagma Valleys. From here a foot path goes onto the Tsitelta pine forest slope and up on the Pirikita-Gometsari Watershed Range Gele. “Gele” in traditional Tusheti was a place, where all communities of four valleys had meetings. From Gele the trail leads along the watershed range, from where beautiful views of both valleys (Pirikiti and Gometsari) is visible. Passing through Sakheo alpine zone the route goes up to hill Gonta where we’ll stay overnight in camps. Overnight Camping on the field nearby drinkable water.


Day 3: Gonta – Nakaecho pass – Parsma – Chesho – Dartlo
After breakfast start hike along the Makratela Range, the foot path goes towards Nakaicho pass 2903m from where we descents to Pirikiti valley. On this segment of the path we have impressionable views of Pirikiti valley and also on the village Parsma. We cross the river Alazani by the foot bridge and visit village Parsma. With its impressive architecture village Parsma attracts its visitors. Short sightseeing around the village and continue to the direction village Dartlo. On the way we pass through village Chesho where we rest a little bit drink a cap of Tushetian tee and then continue our way to the village Dartlo. Overnight in Dartlo at the Guest house, dinner with traditional dishes and Georgian chacha.


Day 4: Dartlo - Tbilisi
After breakfast depart from the village Dartlo to Tbilisi

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