Dartlo - Parsma

Abano Pass

Day 1: Tbilisi – Omalo, Tusheti
We begin our Trip from Tbilisi, Arrive in Telavi though the beautiful Gombori pass (1822m), On the way visit Alaverdi Monastery 11c (short excursion). The road to Tusheti begins from the village Pshaveli, It runs deep into the beautiful gorge of the Stori River and then rises in a breathtaking serpentine above the main Caucasus ridge, Crossing it over Abano passage at the elevation 2926m and descent to the wonderful Tusheti canyon. It is quite extreme journey requiring a vehicle with cross-country capacity and a highly skilled driver, but the sight to be seen beyond Abano pass – Highest car pass in Georgia, is a worthy reward for any traveler. In the good weather condition we begin cycling from the Abano pass, We get down into the beautiful Tusheti canyon, Along the way we pass wonderful scenery and see the most beautiful landscapes of Caucasian Mountain - alpine meadows, snowy pikes, glaciers. The cycling lasts about two hours (Aprx. 16-18km) and then we continue the way by car. Through the mountainous road we reach village Omalo - the provincial center of Tusheti. Accommodation and after short brake walking around the village Omalo, visit the sights of the village - Kesalo fortress and Ethnographic Museum of Tusheti. Overnight in Omalo at the comfortable guesthouse (D.L.)


2 Day: Omalo – Dartlo – Kvavlo - Chesho– Parsma(B.L.D
A fantastic biking day is ahead of us. After breakfast, we start cycling through the dirty car way following Chaghma Gorege. We descent from upper Omalo to the field nearby Que and then gradually ascent to the Pirikiti-Gometsari watershed ridge over Ghele, (on the way visit some beautiful sites of Tushet Que then Ghele - have short walking 30 - 1hr). From Ghele we have fantastic downhill through the beautiful scenery into the Piriciti gorge. Arriving in village Dartlo by crossing Alazani River. The village and its architectural monuments are included in the World’s Cultural Heritage of UNESCO. Explore surroundings of the village Dartlo. Visit ancient stone court and observe towers and dwelling houses with ancient petroglyphs on it. From the village Dartlo we follow the Pirikiti Alazani River by passing unique ancient villages of Tusheti: Chesho, Parsma, Girevi. Walking from Parsma to village Girevi (30-1h). Survey surroundings of the villages Parsma and Girevi, Lunch nearby village Parsma and then the same way back to village Dartlo. Overnight in Dartlo at the Guesthouse, Dinner with national dishes and Georgian Chacha or Wine. (B.L.D)


3 Day: Dartlo - Tbilisi (B.D)
Today we have way back to Tbilisi. After breakfast if weather condition allows the day we start by cycling, From Dartlo we have uphill over the Makratela ridge and then fantastic downhill ride following the Chagma Gorge. Cross the Omalo plateau and descent through the serpentine to the river Alazani, nearby the village Cokalta cross it by bridge and continue along the embankment of river Alazani, On the way enjoying with the imprecionable views of surroundings. Cycling lasts one hour and half then we continue the way by car. In Kakheti visit Shuamta monastery (6c). Arriving in Tbilisi, End tour.

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